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I’ve been running courses, workshops, trainings and other teachings for around ten years now, for a wide variety of groups as well as for psychology professionals. Courses have included narrative psychology (using myth- and storytelling), creative imagination techniques, relaxation and meditation, and creative writing. (See the ‘About‘ page for more details.)

Recently, and particularly since I founded EarthLines Magazine, that work has expanded and deepened. All of my work – as editor of EarthLines, as a writer, and as a facilitator of courses and retreats – is heavily focused on building connections with the land and with place, and with facilitating a sense of belonging and being at home in the world. Embedded within this exploration of the culture and lore of place is a deep knowledge of and communion with plants (especially herbs) and with animals. I am interested particularly in how we uncover and develop our sense of wildness, wherever we may live – our instinctual, authentic self.

This work springs from my own deep connection with the land: over the ten years I’ve been a crofter, every day of my life I’ve spent significant time outside on the land, working with plants and herbs, and caring for animals. Every day also I walk out beyond the croft, by the sea, across the moor and headland or into the hills, gaining an ever-deepening knowledge of local ecological and cultural history. That very real, practical and grounded connection is both widened and deepened by my love of myth and story, and my experience and practice as a writer, editor and publisher. I believe passionately that our cultural and physical connection to the land and to place (whether we are permanently or temporarily rooted in that place) is essential for our own individual health and growth, as well as for the planet. I also believe that community – not just community with other humans, but with the non-human others who share the land with us – is an essential part of discovering that connection and sense of belonging.


  • For information on residential writing/ creative ‘Singing Over the Bones’ retreats for women, which from September 2014 will be held in Ireland, please visit this page.
  • I’m open to tutoring other retreats and courses in the fields of nature writing, narrative psychology and ecopsychology in other locations; please contact me if you have a proposal.


All online courses are currently full. If you’re interested in the next intake, which will likely be autumn 2014, please do contact me to reserve a place by emailing sharon[at]reenchantingtheearth[dot]com.

Courses and tuition in ‘nature writing’

  • For information on my 6-month-long intensive online ‘Beyond Nature Writing’ course, please visit this page.

Courses and tuition in narrative ecopsychology

Narrative ecopsychology professional training

This 6-month online training course is aimed at therapists, counsellors and other professionals who would like to explore new ways of working with clients. It incorporates aspects of narrative psychology (working with myth and story; writing for therapeutic purposes and for personal development) and ecopsychology. Please visit this page for more details.

Courses and tuition in narrative ecopsychology, myth and story
  • For information on my 6-month-long online intensive, ‘Re-enchanting the Earth’, please visit this page. This is less a ‘course’ than an exercise in alchemy and catalysis: an ongoing mentoring relationship on the theme of personal transformation. We will work around a detailed exploration of your life journey, with a focus on the enrichment of creative and imaginative practices and on developing and expressing your relationship with the land and with place. It is completely flexible and tailor-made for each individual I work with.

My qualifications to run these courses include:

(1) a background in psychology, with a specialisation in clinical hypnotherapy and narrative psychology, focusing particularly on myth- and storytelling techniques. Around 2005, I developed a series of in-depth training courses for clinical psychologists and other health professionals in the narrative psychology field, which were offered through a major UK-based psychology organisation offering Continuing Professional Development courses. My own therapy practice similarly focused entirely on narrative and other creative imagination techniques.

(2) My qualifications in literature and creative writing bring a rigour to the study of myth, story and the development of the narrative techniques that form part of the courses. My own published writing (including my first novel, The Long Delirious Burning Blue, and the novel I am now writing, The Bee Dancer, which is an ecological retelling of the myth of Psyche and Eros) has always been focused on integrating myth and story into our everyday lives.

(3) Since completing an MA in Creative Writing and founding Two Ravens Press in 2006 and EarthLines Magazine in 2012, I have constantly worked with writers – from the well-known and prizewinning to the debut and aspiring – to improve, facilitate and deepen their work.

If you’d like to contact me about any of these courses, or about the possibility of working with me in other ways, please email sharon[at]reenchantingtheearth[dot]com.