howling wolf


I am a writer, storyteller, ‘narrative ecopsychologist‘, and editor of EarthLines Magazine, living in wild and beautiful County Donegal, in Ireland. Re-enchanting the Earth is an idea, a vision, a body of work, an offering of courses and other opportunities for exploring our wild selves … above all it is a site for conversations about the stories that help create transformation, and about ways of living and being that help us find a sense of place and belonging in a re-enchanted world. The focus of all my work is on exploring the culture of land and place. I believe that a sense of connectedness to land and place is threaded through with storylines and mythlines, with songs and art and poetry and other cultural imaginings, and involves creating a bridge between the inner world – especially our creative imagination – and our embodied and sensory experience of the physical world.

On the ‘Writing‘ page is a selection of my writings, including extracts from my first novel The Long Delirious Burning Blue. I’m currently engrossed in a full-length work of narrative nonfiction, and a second novel.

I’m also an experienced workshop/retreat facilitator and tutor courses on the storying of place, belonging and nature writing: see the courses page for what’s on now and what’s coming up.

Please also visit my ‘Singing Over the Bones‘ website for writings on wild myths and fairy tales from the Celtic lands, and join me as I root and rustle among the trees in our new home by the waterfall and stepping stones in County Donegal, Ireland. You’ll find more information there about a new project I’m now offering: a unique year-long course for women who want to delve deeply into wild myths and archetypes from the Celtic traditions, and connect with the cycles and seasons of the year.

Sharon Blackie