howling wolf


I am a writer, storyteller, ‘narrative ecopsychologist‘, and editor of EarthLines Magazine — currently in the process of moving from a croft by the sea in the Outer Hebrides to Donegal, in Ireland. Re-enchanting the Earth is an idea, a vision, a body of work, an offering of courses and other opportunities for exploring our wild selves … above all it is a site for conversations about the stories that help create transformation, and about ways of living and being that help us find a sense of place and belonging in the world.

Over at the blog you’ll find writing about a variety of subjects which constellate around the focus of all my work: exploring the culture of land and place, and facilitating a sense of belonging and being at home in the world. I believe that a sense of connectedness to the land is threaded through with storylines and mythlines, with songs and art and poetry and other cultural imaginings, and involves creating a bridge between the inner world – especially our creative imagination – and our embodied and sensory experience of the physical world.

On the ‘Writing‘ page is a selection of my writings, including extracts from my first novel The Long Delirious Burning Blue. I’m currently engrossed in a full-length work of narrative nonfiction, and a second novel.

I’m also an experienced workshop/retreat facilitator and tutor courses in nature writing: see the courses page for what’s on now and what’s coming up.

Sharon Blackie